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Cleaning Products and Your Health

Did you know that simply cleaning your own home with the wrong products could be as dangerous as smoking? It's true, and it's serious. Researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway analyzed data from more than 6,200 people who used cleaning products over two decades. The participants had an average age of 34 when they enrolled in the study. The researchers found that people who either cleaned at home or who had a job where they cleaned had a decline in their lung function that was equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. The speculation is that the lung impairment (once isolated for people that smoked before and other variables) was directly connected to the many harmful chemicals that are frequently used in cleaning products. While this is terrible news for people that clean their own homes (the offending products are not listed in the article, which can be found here), using Mayte's Housecleaning can remove this risk. We offer cleaning products that are 100% green and we use only microfiber cloths to clean your homes. Often we use water, vinegar and good old elbow grease to get your home clean. Beyond that, our green cleaning products are certified green. Ask us today about our green cleaning options.

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