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Holiday Cleaning Tips - Christmas Countdown is On!

Holiday Cleaning Tips

The Holidays are upon us. This means that family and other visitors are too; and we want our home to look it's best! Please check out some of our home cleaning tips for the holidays.

When I clean my own home, I love to break it down into 15 minute increments - you get more done and you feel like you barely missed any time out of your day.

Get basket (or a bucket depending on how many kids you have!) to collect misplaced items you find along the way during your cleaning journey. This helps you save time and stay focused (who wants to return 100+ items to various rooms as you clean).

Bedrooms - 15 minutes

  • Put any misplaced items in your basket

  • Collect dirty laundry and start a fresh wash

  • Put a fresh set of linens on the bed

  • Empty all wastebaskets

  • Fold clean clothes and put them on top of the beds - you will have no choice but to put them away before bedtime!

  • Dust nightstands

  • Vacuum

  • Break!

Kitchen - 15 minutes

  • Lost & found basket time!

  • Empty the dishwasher

  • Put a cup of white vinegar in a bowl and run a dishwasher cycle to clean it and get rid of any odors

  • Straighten up counter tops

  • Empty the trash

  • Wipe down counters and cooktops

  • Vacuum your kitchen floors! Much faster than sweeping :)

  • Break!

Living Room - 15 minutes

  • Basket time again!

  • Dust - work left to right through the room and top to bottom

  • Clean the coffee table and other surfaces

  • Vacuum furniture and floors

  • Rotate and vacuum sofa cushions

Bathrooms - 15 minutes

  • Basket....

  • Stir 3 tablespoons of baking soda; 1/2 cup of household ammonia; and 2 cups of warm water together

  • Clean counters the solution

  • Toilet - pour a 1/4 cup of mouthwash into the bowl. After 30 minutes, come back and scrub with a toilet brush

  • For tile - mix a paste of 1 part borax, 2 parts baking soda, and 2 parts water. Scrub it into the grout with toothbrush

Now, make the kids (or preferably someone other than yourself) put all of those items in the basket away!

Of course, if you're in need of your very own cleaning lady or maid service to help you, let us know and we'd love to help out! You can contact us anytime!


Cleaning Your Tree


If you own an artificial Christmas tree, I'm sure you're getting ready to put it up if you haven't already. One challenge with artificial trees is keeping them clean. We are a home cleaning service, after all; so we wanted to provide some tips on cleaning your tree:

1. Get the vacuum close!

2. Gently vacuum off the tree with a low power vacuum. If you don't have a low power vacuum, a hair dryer (use works as well.

3. Use Swiffer Dusters to dust off the branches.

Happy Cleaning!

Although we can't clean your tree for you, we can certainly clean your home! Please check out our cleaning services and let us know if you'd like us to schedule a one-time or regular cleaning of your home.


Request an estimate from our locally owned & operated cleaning service today! We offer green cleaning services as well upon request.

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